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FAD arose in 1986, initiated by General Gutierrez Mellado.  In this period the society was alarmed by the great extension of heroin consumption with its correlative marginalization, delinquency and civil insecurity, demanding urgent measures in order to put out this phenomenon that generated concern and rejection.

In this context FAD takes a risky strategic decision that comes to be right and convenient:     social movement provoked from the concern and fear and oriented to the need to face drug consumption urgent issues was overcome and FAD decided to focus its job on prevention.

This focus required deep knowing of problems´ social context, to be capable to critic observation, to be able to use necessary reaction and analysis potential, and to be flexible in order to adapt to a changing reality.

Since 1986 there have been changes in the nature and the social perception of the problems, there have been new consumption patterns and new substances involved and there even have useless discusses upon certain drug consumption appeared.  FAD has always tried to adapt to a new social reality organizing intervention programs in accordance with the updated reality.

In the beginning the prevention was centered in creating barriers to drugs, warning about the risks and developing defensive campaigns that could put off the threat and reduce problems´ impact, soon we got to the conclusion that it is precise to overcome the exclusive preventive approaches centered only on rejection.  It was precise to put together an integral intervention model that could consider the interrelation between the drugs, other more generic conflicts and the position context. In this frame the education gains importance, not only in the risk groups but in the common population, promoting personal development and the individual and groups´ capacity to take independent decisions, to live freely and safely.

The preventive education, especially in the childhood, is configured as a fundamental element in the creation of protection factors in order to face social risk situations, and among them drug consumption.