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FAD´s mission is to prevent drug consumption and others high-risk behavior that stops or makes difficult teenagers´ personal and social development in Spain and Latin America.  


    •    To reduce drug consumption.
    •    To avoid teenagers´ high risk   behavior problems.
    •    To decrease drug consumption levels, to avoid the most harmful patterns, to delay the beginning of consumption.
    •    Early detection of drug problems.
    •    To prevent drug consumption problems – of illegal drugs and alcohol.
    •    To provide children, teenagers and young people with necessary tools in order to qualify them with critical, responsible, autonomic and free decision making.
    •    To prevent truancy and high-school drop out, violent behavior and vandalism, female violence, xenophobic, racial discrimination and IT misuse related behavior.  
    •    To mobilize social engagement.
    •    To analyze the trends in order to get ahead of the problems.
    •    To encourage the cooperation; to share experience with Latin America institutions and to work together for the Latin-American underprivileged groups´ development.  
    •    To encourage social commitment through volunteer work.
    •    To become a drug consumption prevention´s model in Spain and in Latin America.


    •    Independence: FAD is an independent institution free of any political or confessional affiliation.
    •    Transparency / Quality / Excellence: FAD acts strictly and with high quality implementing its program and putting into practice the resources to develop its activity.  Resource optimization is a standard practice, to act transparently and to give explanation to appropriate organizations and sponsors.
    •    Self-criticism and adaptation to a reality.  Innovation.
    •    Commitment. Participation in civil society.
    •    Solidarity.

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