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Help for Drug Addiction Foundation (FAD) is a private secular, apolitical nonprofit institution of beneficial nature provided with II category consultative status before United Nation´s Economic and Social Council.  The FAD, which Honor Presidency holds her Majesty the Queen, has a fundamental mission to prevent the drug consumption and its consequences.

FAD was created in 1986 on the Major General Gutierrez Mellado initiative, who was the institution President up to his decease in 1995. The organization counts on enterprises, institutions and professionals, it carries out its activities in cooperation with other civil organizations understanding that the drug problems need a supportive response starting out in the prevention sphere. 

Along its trajectory FAD has been trying to integrate the different profile professionals’ expertise in order to keep on its strategy´s and programs´ innovative line and to become a guidance model and encourage other approaches.

One of the FAD´s differential characteristic is its drug risk prevention station through educational strategies, for this reason it has an outstanding methods of action among the formal and informal educational sphere.

FAD promotes the preventive education in all its levels – school, family and community, looking for specific, related to drug consumption aims, also tending to others psychosocial misconducts.   It keeps its investigation line on drug consumption causes and consequences, professionals and mediator´s training proposals as well, using new technologies, campaigns to raise public awareness and social actions.

Nowadays FAD has an outstanding space in the field as a leading organization and an intervention model both in Spain and in Latin America, where it has shared its experience and its intervention model with fourteen countries. 

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